Transportation FAQ

    • What if my child leaves something on the bus?

      Items such as clothing, bookbags, and lunch boxes that are left on a bus are given to the school administration to return to your child.  Valuables such as instruments, electronics, phones, jewelry or money are taken to the Bus Depot for safe storage.  Our staff will make every attempt to find the owner of lost property.  If you suspect your child has left a valuable item on a bus, please call the transportation department at 417-859-2120.  

    • Will the buses run if schools dismiss early due to weather?

      If school is dismissed early due to weather, buses will pick up high school and middle school students first to make sure there is an older sibling at home when the Elementary School students are dropped off. 

    • What if a bus is running late for morning pick up or afternoon drop off?

      All kinds of variables play into the timeliness of your child's school bus.  Bad weather, traffic delays, equipment malfunctions and student disturbances can contribute to a bus being late.  Please know that we are making every effort to run on schedule.  We ask that you have your child at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled time.  Our buses try to run within a 10 minute window.  They may be five minutes early or five minutes late.  However, if the bus is delayed by more than 10-15 minutes, contact the bus dispatcher.