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  • Junior High

    Daphne Grandel, Principal • Preston Hyde, Assistant Principal
    Paula Dowler, Counselor • Patricia Robbins, Counselor
    660 N Locust Street • Marshfield, Missouri • 65706
    (417) 859-2120 Ext. 2000

    Building Start and Dismiss Times: 
    Regular Day: 8:00 A.M. - 3:39 P.M.


    Student safety is a priority at Marshfield Schools! To ensure student safety, we utilize the Student Security Code System. In order for your student to receive changes in his/her after-school plans OR any message at all, per phone call or note, the caller must know the assigned student security code or the note must have the assigned student security code on it. In addition, bus notes must include the student's name, bus # and address the student will be traveling to.


    If your student brings a cell phone to school, the locker will be the place to store the cell phone during the school day. Families can help us out by not expecting their students to answer calls/texts during school hours. Our JH office will be the quickest point of contact if you need to get in touch with, or send a message to your student.


    Marshfield Junior High offers tutoring for grades 6-8th after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and snacks are provided. Please pick up students in front of the Junior High by 5:00 p.m.

Junior High School Nurse:

Phone: (417) 859-2120 Ext. 2411


Degrees and Certifications:

Junior High Office Administration:

  • Daphne Grandel

    Daphne Grandel
    Junior High Principal

    417-859-2120 Ext. 2000


    Preston Hyde

    Preston Hyde
    Junior High Assistant Principal

    417-859-2120 Ext. 2000

    Deanna Burgess

    Deana Burgess
    Administrative Assistant

    417-859-2120 Ext. 2422

    Crystal Young

    Crystal Young
    Administrative Assistant

    417-859-2120 Ext. 2421