Club Club Sponsor Club Sponsor Email Grades Description
KMJH-JayCast Paula Dowler 6-8th JAYCAST will teach students the skills of electronic journalism with the goal of preparing a weekly newscast that will be shown to students and staff during the Advisory time on the last school day of the week.
Art Club Jennifer Lashley 6-8th Art Club will be helping with designing and painting the sets for the first Junior High Musical as well as creating club t-shirts, making stencils using a product called Rainworks on the sidewalks and much more!
Spanish Club Alli Forge 6-8th Spanish Club gives Junior High students the chance to learn a bit of the Spanish language, become familiar with Hispanic cultures, and have a "fiesta" or two to celebrate traditional Hispanic holidays. Our goal is to introduce students to a new language and expand their worldview and knowledge of other cultures.