Health Services

  • The Marshfield R-I School District Health Services department is comprised of highly qualified registered professional nurses and licensed practical nurses and medical assistants, providing health education, case management and direct nursing care to students and staff. The Nursing staff serves as a liaison between the family, healthcare provider and the school, performs student health screenings and monitors the immunization status of students.  Nurses are assisted by trained unlicensed personnel to provide minor first aid, medication administration, and clerical assistance.

    The vision of the Health Services department is to:

    • Promote the safety, health, and wellness of all students and staff at Marshfield R-I School District 
    • Reduce health-related barriers to learning, thus improving student achievement
    • Promote a positive, collaborative relationship with students, families, colleagues and the community
    • Promote best practices in school health services through high-quality professional development.

    Students must be Healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy.  


  • Missouri state law requires that all students must be up-to-date on all immunizations in order to attend school.

    Please note: Students entering 8th grade and 12th grade are required to have additional immunizations on file before the first day of school in August. If your child is not up to date, proof of receiving the Tdap (incoming 8th graders) and the MCV (incoming 8th graders and incoming Seniors) may be emailed to

    If you have any questions, please contact Christina Roberts, BSN RN, Health Services Director at or 417-859-2120 ext 2404.

Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Christina Roberts

    Christina Roberts, BSN, RN
    Director of Health Services

    660 N. Locust Street
    Marshfield, MO 65706

    Phone: (417) 859-2120 Ext. 2404
    Fax: (417) 859-4970

    Lorrie Mackey

    Lorrie Mackey, RN
    Hubble Elementary School Nurse
    (417) 859-2120 Ext. 4017

    Alissa Letterman

    Alissa Letterman, ASN, RN
    Webster Elementary School Nurse
    (417) 859-2120 Ext. 3040

    Heather VanNess

    Heather VanNess, RN, BSN
    Shook Elementary School Nurse
    (417) 859-2120 Ext. 5130

    Stephanie Dawley

    Stephanie Dawley BSN, RN
    Junior High School Nurse
    (417) 859-2120 Ext. 2411

    Ashley Horstman

    Ashley Horstman ASN, RN
    High School Nurse
    (417) 859-2120 Ext. 1100