• Bus Drivers Needed!


    We are currently seeking individuals for full-time and part-time bus driver positions. No experience is necessary, just the desire to work with students and a flexible schedule. If you are curious about what hours look like, contact Tony Blackwell, Marshfield R-I Schools Transportation Director, at 417-859-2120, extension 9027. 

    The school district will reimburse your expenses for obtaining a Class B Commercial Driver’s License with P & S Endorsements (this is contingent upon you using the CDL to work for the school district). The school will also provide the training at no expense other than your time. The training is available on weekends or during the school day. There are some advantages to having your CDL. One being you will have many options for putting it to use. Two, it tends to help a person become a better driver.

    What the process looks like:

    1. Using the MO Commercial Driver License Manual – you study for and pass a multiple-choice exam at the DMV in Marshfield. The Transportation Department will provide you with the manual and let you know which parts to review.
    2. Once you pass the exam, they will issue you a learner’s permit.
    3. You then complete an online curriculum provided by the school district.
    4. The next step is to spend time on the district’s training lot, mastering backing skills and general operation of the bus. Once these skills are mastered, you will spend time driving the bus on the roads in and around Marshfield.
    5. Once you and the instructor feel you are ready, we will schedule you for an exam date with the Strafford DMV testing site. You pass the exam, and they issue you a temporary CDL to submit to the DMV.
    6. You will then take a physical (expenses taken care of by the district). You will be issued a form for processing at the DMV.
    7. At the DMV, you will submit your physical and the temporary CDL issued to you from the exam center. Your new CDL will be mailed to you at a later date.
    8. While at the DMV obtaining your new CDL, you will also need to pay to have a current driving record provided.


    Please call Transportation Director Tony Blackwell at 417.859.2120 ext. 9027 and let him know you are ready to start this process!