Online Enrollment Instructions

  • If you have trouble viewing the Online Enrollment Instructions you can download the file HERE .

    *Completing Online Registration:

    • An email address will be required (parents with no active email can choose one of several free providers, such as Gmail).

    *Online Registration is not available on the app or mobile devices.


    If your family is new to Marshfield School District – this means your household has never had a student enrolled in our district in the past – you need to contact the Central Office at (417) 859-2120 Opt. 0


    You will notice that forms are divided between two categories.

    • Family forms will change/update information for the entire household: Emergency contacts, phone numbers, etc.
    • Student forms will change/update information for the individual student. Student name will appear on each screen as it applies.

    To complete forms:

    1. Select “Edit” to the left of the form you wish to fill out.  (All forms must be completed and submitted for family and all active students before registration is complete)   


    2.  At the lower left of each screen you must check that you have completed each form before you may submit registration.


    1. To add or update a Non-Resident Parent or Emergency Contact you will need to select the “ADD” button at the lower left of the corresponding screen”.

     Example Example

    Submit completed forms:

    Once all forms are complete a message box will open.  You may select to submit all forms at this time.


    and confirmation:


    Once you have submitted forms, you will not be able to edit the information.  If you need to change information after submitting, please contact Central Office 417.859.2120 opt. 0.

    When forms have been approved and accepted, you will receive an email confirming completion.  If additional information is needed, you will receive an email that Online Registration forms have been re-opened.  This will allow you to edit information, add a new student, or Non-Resident Parent.   


    Login to Parent Portal:

    Username is the email address on file with the district.  You may reset your password from the log in screen.

    When a student pulls up on the screen you will see a yellow bar telling you Online Registration MUST be completed.