Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the tornado safe room open for use?

    • When a tornado warning is issued, the FEMA safe room will be opened shortly. The FEMA safe room is not open to the public while school is in session.

    Are animals allowed? 

    • Only aid animals are allowed.  All household pets are not allowed in tornado safe rooms per FEMA regulations. 

    What is the official notification that a watch or warning has been issued?

    • Because the weather alert systems are the best method, the district will be using the NOAA weather alert system to inform you of a warning. In order to know when a watch or warning is issued, you will need to use NOAA weather radio only. For more information on NOAA click HERE.

    Where is the safe room located?

    • The safe rooms are open to the public are located at: 
      • Webster Elementary/Junior High, 715 Blue Jay Drive, Marshfield, MO 65706.

    What is a Tornado Protection Zone? 

    • The Tornado Protection Zone is an area 0.5 miles in diameter around the FEMA safe room.  This area is designated by FEMA as those who can quickly make it to the FEMA safe room in the event of a tornado warning.  This does not limit who can come to the FEMA safe room; it just notes those who can quickly make it in the event of severe weather.
    Where are other tornado shelters located?
    • Ellis O. Jackson City Park, 624 N. Marshall Street, Marshfield, MO. 65706.  The City of Marshfield FEMA Shelter operates like Marshfield Schools FEMA shelters and opens during warnings.