Inclement Weather Protocol

  • At Marshfield R-I, the safety of our students is our highest priority. However, we place an equally high value on instructional time, and snow days mean our students are missing out on classroom learning. For this reason, the decision to cancel classes is rarely simple. And, with Missouri weather, it often requires a certain amount of guesswork and faith in weather forecasts.

    Below is a reminder of the Marshfield R-I Inclement Weather Protocol:

  • Who makes the decision?

    The Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, Transportation Director, and other transportation team members check roads, including side roads, to determine the safety of transportation during inclement weather.  This generally takes place before 5:00 a.m.  It may take place between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. the night before if the weather warrants that timing.

    How is the decision made?

    The transportation and safety team share feedback with one another and, based on this feedback and current and forecasted weather conditions, the Superintendent determines whether classes will be canceled.  If possible, this decision is made by 9:00 p.m.  If not possible, the decision is made by 5:30 a.m. the following morning.

    When and how is the decision communicated?

    If possible, this decision is made by 9:00 p.m. the night before.  If not possible, the decision is made by 5:30 a.m. the following morning.  The decision to cancel is announced immediately once it is made via Twitter and Facebook accounts, our website, our mobile app, phone calls, text messages, emails and local news media outlets.

    If weather conditions may deteriorate when school is already in session, a similar protocol is followed, but with a heavier reliance on forecast data from the National Weather Service.

    If classes are canceled or school will be dismissed early, this information is shared with staff, students, parents, and the community through the district's mobile app, social media, a phone message and text as well as Springfield television stations and radio stations that subscribe to the school closing notification service utilized by the district. 

    Please do not rely solely on one method of notification.  At times, in extreme weather conditions, internet access or telephone service may be disrupted preventing or delaying the use of some communication channels.

    How do I make sure I receive notifications?

    If you are currently receiving notifications from the district, you will receive the weather cancellation notifications.  Parents who have completed online registration will be notified via telephone messages.  Parents will also be notified by text message if they have opted-in for that service.  If you are not currently receiving the automated phone calls and/or text messages, please download our Marshfield R-I Schools App to receive important announcements.

    Contact information for students can also be updated by logging into the Parent Portal.  Contact information for employees can be updated by contacting Teri Arthur at the Central Office 417-859-2120 Ext. 9010.

    Please do not rely solely on one method of notification.  At times, in extreme weather conditions, internet access or telephone service may be disrupted, preventing or delaying the use of some communication channels.

    When school is dismissed early, what happens to afternoon Jay Care?

    In the event school is dismissed early for inclement weather, afternoon Bluejay Care will be canceled.  All students must have alternate transportation arranged prior to an inclement weather day.  Please update your transportation arrangements with the Central Office at 417-859-2120 Ext. 0.

    When school is cancelled, are all extra-curricular activites cancelled?

    On days when school is not in session, programs held in our facilities such as before and after-school child care are also canceled.  However, some athletic events and other student activities may continue as scheduled depending on changing weather conditions, distance of travel, departure times and location.  Activity/athletic cancelations are posted on our Marshfield Bluejays Activities Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

  • Inclement Weather Protocols

  •  Is school cancelled when winter weather includes extremely cold temperatures? 

    There is no set temperature that must be reached in order to cancel school.  Marshfield Administrators consider many factors, including temperature, when deciding whether to have school.  Student safety is always the top priority.

    Inclement weather precautions:

    • Parents are encouraged to make sure their children, especially those who walk to school or ride the bus, are dressed appropriately with gloves, coats, hats and scarves.
    • Bus drivers will allow extra time for students to board buses at designated stops.  This will enable students to watch for the bus from indoors during extremely cold weather.

    How can parents prepare for school cancellation and early dismissal?

    • Update contact information at their child’s school when phone numbers or addresses are changed.
    • Share with the child’s school the plan the child should follow if school is dismissed early.  Include whether the child is to go home or to another residence.
    • Notify schools of changes to transportation routines as soon as possible - to allow adequate time to make safe and accurate transportation changes.

    Transportation Reminders:

    • ALL permanent bus transportation changes MUST be communicated through Central Office. (417) 859-2120 ext. 0
    • DO NOT give this information to the classroom teacher OR the building office.
    • Students will be allowed ONLY 3 permanent bus changes throughout the entire school year.
    • Allow 2 school days for new changes to take effect (Example: changes made on Thursday will be in effect on Monday)
    • Students may only be set up for TWO transportation addresses at any given time.
    • Students may only travel to permanent addresses.  There will be NO after-school notes accepted for students traveling to addresses parents have not previously listed for their child.  In the event that your student needs to travel to an occasional address already requested, you will either send a note to school with your child or call the building office.
    • Please note: The first two weeks of school we may experience a high volume of calls.  We will answer your calls as soon as possible and appreciate your understanding and patience.  Also, masks are currently required on all forms of public transportation across the country, including school buses.

    If a parent makes the decision to keep their child home, will they be counted absent?

    If you as a parent feel it is unsafe to have your child(ren) attend school in person, please know that decision continues to be yours…one the school district will respect.  However, all absences will be recorded.  This decision (excused/unexcused) will be made by the building principal alone.

    When will missed days be made up?

    Marshfield Schools builds into its school calendar 1,100+ hours of student instructional time, which exceeds the minimum state requirement of 1,044 hours of student instructional time.  If weather cancellations take place, the district has 36 make-up hours planned within the calendar. Any inclement weather days will not be made up. 

  • It is hard to predict Missouri weather, but planning ahead can help parents and students manage its unpredictability.  Taking a few moments to develop a plan for when school is dismissed early or canceled, especially with short notice, can help parents and students prepare for the dreaded (or beloved) snow day!

    Revised: 01/05/2022