Webster Elementary School
  • Michelle Mitchell, Principal • Natasha Adams, Asst. Principal • Julie Manary, Counselor

    650 North Locust • Marshfield, Missouri • 65706 

    (417) 859-2120 Opt. 3000

    Building Start and End Time: 

    Regular Day: 8:20 A.M. - 3:29 P.M.      Wednesday: 8:20 A.M. - 2:32 P.M.      Early Dismiss: 8:20 A.M. - 12:45 P.M.


    Student safety is a priority at Marshfield Schools! To ensure student safety, we utilize the Student Security Code System. In order for your student to receive changes in his/her after school plans OR any message at all, per phone call or note, the caller must know the assigned student security code or the note must have the assigned student security code on it. In addition, bus notes must include the student name, bus # and address the student will be traveling to.

Webster Elementary School Pick Up Map

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Webster Elementary Office:

  • Michelle Mitchell

    Michelle Mitchell • Webster Elementary School Principal • michelle.mitchell@mjays.us  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 3701

    Natasha Adams

    Natasha Adams • Webster Elementary School Assistant Principal • natasha.adams@mjays.us  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 3702

    Kimberly Harrod

    Kimberly Harrod • Administrative Assistant • kimberly.harrod@mjays.us  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 3703

    Stephanie Clift

    Stephanie Clift • Administrative Assistant • stephanie.clift@mjays.us  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 3704