IEP Information

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)

    An evaluation has determined that my child has an educational disability.  What's next?

    An IEP Meeting is scheduled:  If your child is found to have an educational disability diagnosis  he or she is eligible for special education and related services. Within 30 calendar days after a child is determined eligible, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team must meet to develop an IEP for the child. This team includes:

    • Parents of the child
    • Regular education teacher (could be your child's preschool teacher or someone who is certified to teach preschool aged students)
    • Special education teacher
    • District representative 
    • Individual(s) who can interpret instructional needs identified in the evaluation process.  

    Before the IEP meeting

    • Parents may want to write down strengths of their child along with educational concerns.
    • School staff will notify parents and IEP participants 10 days prior to the IEP meeting.  Parents will be notified of the purpose, time and location of the meeting as well as who is invited to the meeting.
    • The parent may invite other people to the meeting who have knowledge or special expertise about their child.
    • If the district is unable to gain parent participation after attempting to schedule two separate meetings they may proceed without the parents.

    At the meeting

    • The IEP team meets to discuss a child's educational needs (including strengths, concerns, and progress)
    • The IEP team will create goals that will be addressed over the upcoming calendar year.
    • The IEP team will determine appropriate placement and services to allow students to achieve those goals.
    • The IEP team includes parents, who are a part of this decision making process.  
    • Before the school district may provide special education and related services to your child for the first time, the parents must give consent for those services in writing. The child begins to receive services as soon as possible after consent is given.

    After the meeting

    • Services will begin soon after the district receives signed parental consent.  
    • Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher / therapist.   
    • Parents will receive a copy of the IEP in the mail.
    • Your child's special education teachers / service providers will have access to the IEP and know his or her specific responsibilities for carrying out the IEP, including modifications, accommodations and supports that must be provided to your child.
    • The IEP is a tool for you and the district to monitor your child's educational progress.  
    • Parents will receive information about their child's progress towards his/her IEP goals each trimester.  

    One year later

    • The IEP team must review your child's IEP at least once a year, or more often if the parents or school personnel ask for a review.  
    • At the annual IEP review, progress will be discussed, and if necessary new goals / services / placement will be created.