Teacher Proud

    It’s TEACHER PROUD TUESDAY! Marshfield R-I School District is excited to join other school districts across the region in celebrating teachers on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Today we’d like to honor the following teachers for their outstanding service to our students!

    Justin Cron

    Mr. Cron was nominated because: “Cron is like a father figure to all us kids. You feel safe talking to him. He would do anything for us but also put us in place if he needs too.”

    Beth Baker

    Ms. Baker was nominated because: “Beth is caring and compassionate. She focuses on the whole child—their education, their emotional wellbeing, their family and other things that affect the child’s life and ability to learn. She adapts her strategies to find ways that work best for each individual student and isn’t afraid to try new strategies to help students accomplish goals.”

    Dan Wyman

    Mr. Wyman was nominated because: “Mr. Wyman is a positive role model to all of his students. He strives to make every students music career successful in one way or another.”

    Collectively these teachers have been teaching over 35 years! Approximately 3000 students have come through their classrooms and been impacted by their knowledge, passion and expertise!

    We’re so thankful they choose to serve in Marshfield R-I School District!  #TeacherProud

    If you’d like to nominate a teacher to be honored, complete the form at: HERE.

Justin Cron
  • Mr. Justin Cron has been teaching for 9 years. He has impacted thousands of students throughout this time. When asked WHY he chooses to be a teacher, "I chose to be an Ag Teacher because of the impact that my teachers had on me while I was in school and because I have always been passionate about helping youth. There are a lot of kids that do not have good role models or examples at home to look up to, and I wanted to provide that for them. I love having the opportunity everyday to build life lasting relationships with my students, while at the same time, teaching them about Agriculture. Seeing my students grow throughout the years that I have them into respectable, hard working young men and women that have their head on straight when they walk out of these doors, is very rewarding to me."

Beth Baker
Dan Wyman
  • Mr. Daniel Wyman has been teaching for 13 years. He has impacted thousands of students throughout this time! When asked WHY he chooses to be a teacher, “because I believe music is a vital and irreplaceable part of a students’ education and I want to help foster a love of music performance in every student I can.”

Staff Spotlight!

  • September Staff Spotlight: Kim Harrod
    Webster Elementary School
    "Kim comes to work each day with a smile and kindness that spreads to everyone she speaks with all day.  She always has a positive attitude, even when things are hectic and they have been!!  We have a new check out system this year, Kid Account, and it has not gone smoothly.  However, she has been gracious and worked through kinks with grace upon grace.  She helps our building run smoothly and is willing to do anything to assist us all.  She doesn't just do her secretarial work, but helps teachers make copies, laminate, visit with kids, etc.  Webster is a great place to be because of her smiles, kindness, and work ethic." - Anonymous
    August Staff Spotlight: Sarah Marlin
    Central Office
    How long have you worked at Marshfield R-I Schools: I have worked for Marshfield Schools for 6 years.
    Role: Administrative Assistant in the Central Office: New student enrollment/transportation.
    Why do I love working at Marshfield R-I Schools?: The amazing people I get to work with every day.
     Recognized: for her hard work and dedication to making sure every Marshfield student is enrolled correctly for a great start for a new school year!
    August Staff Spotlight: Teri Arthur
    Central Office
    Teri Arthur
    How long have you worked at Marshfield R-I Schools: This is my 12th year, although I subbed for a year prior to that.
    Role: Administrative Assistant in the Central Office: New student enrollment/facility rentals and communicating with our community and employees via social media and school newsletters and whatever comes across my desk.
    Why do I love working at Marshfield R-I Schools?: While the people I work with are my favorite part of the job, my favorite duty is communicating information to our families while highlighting the great things happening in Marshfield Schools.
    Recognized: for her hard work with completing enrollment for new students and communicating quickly and effectively with the community!