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    Teacher Proud

    It’s TEACHER PROUD TUESDAY!  Marshfield R-I School District is excited to join other school districts across the region in celebrating teachers on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Today we’d like to honor the following teachers for their outstanding service to our students!

     Collectively, these teachers have been teaching for over 120 years!  Approximately 27,000 students have come through their classrooms and have been impacted by their knowledge, passion and expertise!

    We’re so thankful they chose to serve in Marshfield R-I School District!  #TeacherProud

    If you’d like to nominate a teacher to be honored, complete the form at: HERE.

2021-2022 Teacher Proud Honorees

October Teacher Proud Honorees

  • Brenda Laurance

    Mrs. Laurance was nominated because: "She’s the most thoughtful, caring teacher my child has ever had. She always goes above and beyond to make sure my daughter understands her work."

    Mrs. Brenda Laurance has been teaching for 22 years!

    "There is so much to learn and know about life and the world around us.  After raising my children, I decided to become a teacher and continue inviting children to discover and learn."

  • Gretchen Crawford

    Ms. Crawford was nominated because: "Gretchen is the best teacher!! She loves her kids and it shows with each one."

    Ms. Gretchen Crawford has been teaching for 15 years!

    "I became a teacher because I wanted to make school a fun and safe place for my students and I wanted to make a difference in their lives."

  • David Bockelman

    Mr. Bockelman was nominated because: "His compassion and love for his students is contagious. He truly enjoys what he does."

    Mr. David Bockelman has been teaching for 9 years.

    "I have ADHD. Growing up I struggled a lot with my ADHD and even had to receive some special education services in school. There are some teachers that worked really hard to help me succeed in school and never gave up on me. It is important for me to continue the work that I once received and make a positive impact on as many students as I can."

  • Melanie Skidmore

    Ms. Skidmore was nominated because: "Because she pushes her students to do their best, she's very helpful, kind, definitely one of my favorite teachers."

    Ms. Melanie Skidmore has been teaching for 1 year.

    "I have always loved working with kids and watching them succeed is the best job!"

  • Cheryl Houk

    Mrs. Houk was nominated because: "Mrs. Houk goes above and beyond for her students. She encourages them to think and make mistakes in order to learn. I love this about her."

    Mrs. Cheryl Houk has been teaching for 16 years!

    "I chose to be a teacher because I have always enjoyed working with other people and helping them gain something positive - knowledge, skills, self-esteem, experiences, etc. I also chose this career because I can bridge the gap between my love for medical-based classes and biology and not be in an industry that would steal me from my family and watching them grow. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I truly look forward to seeing my students every day and pushing them further than they think they can go and watching them succeed."

  • Katie McDowell

    Ms. McDowell was nominated because: "Katie is amazing at her job. She shows no signs of stress in stressful situations. She is so good at what she does."

    Ms. Katie McDowell has been teaching for 4 years.

    "I became a teacher to show children love and grace in hopes that it will encourage them to do the same for others."

  • Taylor Young

    Mrs. Young was nominated because: "Mrs Young is an amazing teacher! She is so hands-on with the children, she goes above and beyond for each child. My son was not a fan of school until he had her for a teacher this year. She has instilled a love for learning in him. You can tell she truly loves her job and her classroom. The world needs a million more of her!"

    Mrs. Taylor Young has been teaching for 8 years!

    "I remember how loved my teachers made me feel. I want to pass that same love onto my own students. I want them to know that I care about them, I believe in them, and I want to help give them the tools they need to succeed. I love learning and growing and fostering a love for learning and growing in others."

  • Jessica Lowder

    Mrs. Lowder was nominated because: "Mrs. Lowder is approachable to both students and parents/guardians. She connects with her students even over the computer when we were online. She never assumes that she knows your child better than you do. She listens first! These are just a few of the positive attributes. She’s also a FABULOUS story reader! All the important aspects of an excellent educator."

    Mrs. Jessica Lowder has been teaching for 13 years!

    "I chose to be a teacher to improve the lives of students and grow them into life-long learners."

  • Nicki Thompson

    Ms. Thompson was nominated because: "She never takes no for an answer. She sees a problem and she graciously fixes it. I have called/texted needing help several times and she’s always come to my aid within minutes. She breathes life and encouragement to her students and colleagues in actions and words. She’s the epitome of selflessness."

    Ms. Nicki Thompson has been teaching for 15 years!

    "I chose to be a teacher because I wanted to attempt to impact future students half as much as my teachers impacted me throughout my time as a Marshfield student. I have always loved writing and literature and desired to help students learn to love these areas as well--or at least tolerate them and see their value. :) I love the energy and promise of the future when working with young people and knew that there would never be a dull moment in this career, leading to many great experiences and optimal moments for growth professionally and personally."

  • Jessica Grace

    Ms. Grace was nominated because: "She goes above and beyond for every student."

    Ms. Jessica Grace has been teaching for 22 years!

    "I just finished my 22nd year of teaching. I became a teacher because I always loved school. My grandma was a teacher for 30 years, my sister (who is also a teacher) and I played school, and I thought my teachers hung the moon! If I can be a consistent person in a child's life and give them what my teachers gave me, I will consider my career a success."

  • Lindsi Jones

    Ms. Jones was nominated because: "She is a positive example to all of her students and to anyone that she comes in contact with. My daughter mentored in her class. Lindsey took time to encourage her and help her decide if teaching was right for her. Lindsey loves and cares for her kids and our district."

    Ms. Lindsi Jones has been teaching for 11 years.

    "My 3rd-grade teacher Mrs. Klien had a huge impact on me becoming an educator."

  • Sherry Davis

    Mrs. Davis was nominated because: "When my son was having issues, she went above and beyond to help my son in every way. She has guided and provided value to my son, in his eyes, to see he can achieve anything."

    Mrs. Sherry Davis has been teaching for 21 years!

    "I wanted to be a teacher ever since Kindergarten or 1st grade. I'd take home extra copies of homework and play school at home. My calling is to work with children of all ages."

  • Michael Ragsdale

    Mr. Ragsdale was nominated because: "He is very invested in his students and his teaching. He makes personal connections with his students and makes them feel loved. He is one of my daughter's favorite teachers!"

    Mr. Michael Ragsdale has been teaching for 10 years!

    "I chose to teach because I wanted to share my love and passion for art with students."

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