Marshfield Early Learning Center Monthly Progress:

  • July 18, 2022

    Construction of the Marshfield Early Learning Center is entering the home stretch! Patrons can now see the west-facing drop-off & pick-up canopy that will welcome car riders. A new parking lot for Hubble and the MELC will be completed in the coming weeks. The new Hubble parking lot should improve some traffic flow issues on Locust Street. This asphalt work will also include a new road from Elm Street. The classroom wing and main office areas are nearly complete. We are getting closer to our anticipated date (August 15th) to access the building. The district will share details for an open house later this fall when the project is 100% completed.

    May 2, 2022

    Despite recent wet weather, the Marshfield Early Learning Center continues to progress quickly. The exterior finishes of masonry and metal paneling are going up on the classroom wing. Patrons can now see the covered walkway on the south side of Hubble connecting the two buildings. Interior framing on the administrative area has been finished. The district expects completion of the classroom wing by mid-August, which will allow preschool classes to begin on time.

    This project will allow the district to remove two modular trailers off the Hubble campus, move four classrooms out of Hubble Elementary and expand our preschool offerings. The hiring of additional certified and classified team members is underway.

    April 1, 2022

    During the March Board of Education meeting, the name Marshfield Early Learning Center was selected for our current early childhood center project. Recent progress includes the interior framing on the classroom wing nearing completion. Interior drywall installation has begun in conjunction with mechanical, electric, and plumbing work. The overall shape of the building and walkways are nearly complete. Soon, masonry work will be started on the project.

    April Progress Update

    March 1, 2022

    If you have traveled down Locust Street recently, you have noticed the Early Childhood Center has taken shape. The pictures below show exterior framing has been completed on the classroom wing, and the pre-engineered metal building of the main entrance is in progress. The pre-engineered metal building for the main entrance and office areas has been erected and will soon be framed. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work has started in the classroom wing and will continue while interior framing is taking place. Please continue to be mindful of project contractors entering and exiting traffic near the job site. Overall, progress continues to go smoothly, with some slowdowns due to inclement weather. 

    March Progress Update

    February 2, 2022

    The Early Childhood Center is moving along. The pre-engineered metal building for the classroom wing has been erected. The roof, exterior framing, and insulation for this area will soon be installed. The metal walls for the main entrance and office area will start going up. Masonry work on the tornado safe room/multipurpose room is complete, and installation of metal decking for the roof should be completed soon. Overall, progress continues to go smoothly, with some slowdowns due to inclement weather.

    February Progress Update

    January 5, 2022

    The Early Childhood Center is beginning to take shape. Over the last month, the tornado shelter/cafeteria walls have started going up. Soon, this area will have its metal roof placed. The concrete pad for the classroom wing is in place, and the concrete pad for the office and entrance will soon be completed. Over the next three weeks, the traffic in and out of the job site will begin to pick up as more workers are needed. Please be mindful of this increased traffic before and after school each day. We appreciate your understanding and patience as the project contractors are working. The district is eager to see the finished project for our community’s youngest Bluejays!

    January Progress

    December 20, 2021

    ECC construction is moving forward, with preliminary work taking place on the connecting road. The gym slab was poured, and masonry work began the week of December 13th. Footing work has started for classrooms and will be continued soon. Over Christmas Break, work will take place on the Hubble parking lot to prepare for upgrades and expansion.

    We are currently working to coordinate the following projects that are the district’s responsibility:

      • Technology wiring from the point of rough-in.
      • ECC furniture throughout the building.
      • ECC playground design and installation. 

    January Update

    Novemeber 29, 2021

    ECC construction is moving forward, with preliminary work taking place on the connecting road. The gym slab has been poured, and masonry work should begin in early December. Footing work has started for classrooms and will continue through the end of the year. Over Christmas Break, work will take place on the Hubble parking lot to prepare for upgrades and expansion. 

    November Progress Update

    October 28, 2021

    Construction on the early childhood center has begun. Initial dirt work on the building site, parking lots, water retention areas, and the Elm Street entrance is nearing completion. Over the next few weeks, the building foundations will begin to take shape with footers being poured. We are excited about watching this project take shape over the coming months. We appreciate your understanding and patience as the project contractors are working on the Hubble Elementary and R.A. Barr Stadium sites. 

    September Progress

    September 22, 2021

    Superintendent Mike Henry, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rocky Valentine, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Garrett Lowder, Director of Special Services Melynda Van Note, members of the Marshfield R-I School District Board of Education as well as this year's preschoolers broke ground on the new Marshfield Early Childhood Center. A video capturing the ceremony is shown above.

    Site preparation such as lime stabilization and preparation for the footprint of the building and drainage/detention pond work has started.

    Ground Breaking Ceremony

    July 2021

    Ground work has begun to prepare for a new road between Locust and Elm Street to run along the Early Childhood Center. 

    June 2021 

    Hubble Elementary playground is relocated to prepare for the new Early Childhood Center construction.  

    April 6, 2021

    Marshfield voters agreed to an $8.5 million bond issue to build the proposed Early Childhood Center near Hubble Elementary School.  The plans call for eight classrooms for preschool and four dedicated to early childhood special education.  There is a designated storage space for each classroom and each pair of classrooms will share a restroom. 

    Thank You Marshfield!

    March 1, 2021

    The district will be placing an $8.5 million bond issue on the ballot, hailed as a "no tax increase" measure.  If approved, it will add to district debt but will not increase property tax bills.  "The one-story building to be built near Hubble Elementary School will expand preschool access for families with young children.  Currently, the existing spaces are full and there is a waiting list.  Long-term, it's a really important deal on multiple levels.  This is going to allow us to provide additional services to make sure our youngest learners are ready for kindergarten." - David Steward, Superintendent of Schools

    "A build of funds generated by the bond will be earmarked for the preschool center, but a small portion will go to pay off a lease-purchase agreement, which provides money upfront that is paid off over time, typically by operating funds" - Mike Henry, Assistant Superintendent of Operations & Maintenance

    Proposed ECC Building

    February 22, 2021

    The board and administration met with Paragon Architecture on the layout and appearance of the proposed Early Childhood Center.  The one-story early childhood center will include eight preschool classrooms and space for a kitchen, library, the Parents as Teachers program and speech and physical therapy services.  Safety is also a priority. A large multipurpose room will double as a storm shelter. A breezeway between the new center and Hubble Elementary School.  The district will also be working on reducing traffic congestion on the west campus by adding a road for school traffic.  The district will also pay off a lease-purchase agreement, which provides money upfront that is paid off over time, to free up operating funds to pay for busing and hire preschool teachers.  The timeline included a ground breaking date of September 2021 and hopes to open by August 2022.

    Proposed ECC Building

    January 2021

    Following extensive Long Range Comprehensive Planning by the School Board, Leadership Team, community members, teachers, and staff, it was decided that providing early childhood education is Marshfield's top priority.  Early Childhood is universally agreed by educational professionals as the age when the greatest impact is made on students.  This facility will give the district more than twice the current capacity to serve our early childhood-aged students.

    Proposed ECC Building


October 2021 Progress Update

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Marshfield Early Childhood Center Monthly Progress Goals:

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