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  • We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! We miss your kiddos at MJHS! 

    The district is now closed for the remainder of the school year. Times have been set up for everyone to come and pick up their belongings from their lockers. Please check email and Marshfield JH Facebook page for a list of names and times to come. Please return ALL LIBRARY BOOKS, TEXTBOOKS, AND TEACHER'S ITEMS when you come. 

    There are resources being provided for the students digitally or paper versions can be picked up during our meal-time pickups each weekday from 11-12:30. The meals are available for every student ages 1-18 regardless of income. 

    Pick up locations are:

      1. FEMA cafeteria at the Webster/JH Campus

      2. Born Again Church on A Hwy

      3. Prospect Church on East 38 Hwy

      4. Mission Home Church on W Hwy

      5. Elkland Independent Methodist Church

      6. The Northview Store

    The materials provided to the students are not required but highly recommeded to encourage academic growth in these difficult times. We would really prefer we had them here, but are doing our best to aid in the situation. Please feel free to reach out to any of their teachers via email. They want to hear from you! Take care!

    Click HERE for resources. 

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