Shook Elementary (4-5)
  • Heather Sample, Principal • Becky Weigand, Asst. Principal • Leah Loftin, Counselor

     180 State Highway DD • Marshfield, Missouri • 65706

    (417) 859-2120 Opt. 5000

    Building Start and End Time: 

    Regular Day: 8:05 A.M. - 3:14 P.M.      Wednesday: 8:05 A.M. - 2:17 P.M.      Early Dismiss: 8:05 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.


    Student safety is a priority at Marshfield Schools! To ensure student safety, we utilize the Student Security Code System. In order for your student to receive changes in his/her after school plans OR any message at all, per phone call or note, the caller must know the assigned student security code or the note must have the assigned student security code on it. In addition, bus notes must include the student name, bus # and address the student will be traveling to.

Shook Elementary Car Line Map

  • Shook

    If you drop a student off in the morning, or pick a student up in the afternoon, the drop-off and pick-up zone is area A as shown on the map.  Please form one line, and follow the traffic flow pattern shown by the arrows.  For reasons of safety, traffic goes “one-way” through the drop-off/pick-up zones.  After you drop your child off, he/she should enter the building through the door at the end of the 5th grade hallway (Exit #2).  That entrance is marked on this map with a #2.  For student safety and traffic flow purposes, we ask that you always use this drop off location.

    If your student is a car line pick up at the end of the day, you will need to enter the parking lot labeled B on the map and follow the pattern as shown by the arrows. This parking lot is being used to assist with traffic congestion on Cherry Blossom Lane.  Shook staff members will be in the parking lot to check student name cards. Students will be in the gym lining up based on the car line order. The staff will direct cars when to enter the pickup lane labeled A on the map. All cars MUST drive through parking lot B as shown on the map and wait for staff directive to drive into the pickup lane. This is to ensure that students are released in the proper order from the gym. Once students are brought outside, they will be directed to your vehicle.

    Please realize that high school students use the back driveway to enter and leave their parking lot, so traffic is often very congested.  If you witness unsafe driving, please record the license plate number and a description of the behavior, and report it to the Shook office.


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Shook Elementary Office:

  • Heather Sample

    Heather Sample • Shook Elementary School Principal •  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 5702

    Becky Weigand

    Becky Weigand • Shook Elementary School Assistant Principal •  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 5703

    Jennifer Manning

    Jennifer Manning • Administrative Assistant •  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 5700

    Claire Admire

    Claire Admire • Administrative Assistant •  (417) 859-2120 Opt. 5701